Campus Directory Add Photos and Links

The UC Santa Cruz Campus Directory is the authorative source for faculty, student and staff data. Information is pulled from various sources and displayed within the WCMS system. In addition to having contact data and location, a directory profile is a great place to list education, publications, courses taught and other biographical information. 


Add information to your profile

Go to, search for your name and click on it, then click on the "Edit this entry" link at the bottom of your profile page. You'll be prompted to enter your CruzID Gold password in order to edit your profile.

How to edit and save changes (video)


Link to an image or PDF


1. Put files first in your website

a. Connect to and upload your files. NOTE: If your division offers web hosting, contact your Divisional Liason or Local IT Specialist for local hosting information.

b. After files are uploaded the link URL form will be: or filename.jpg

2. Add the link URL within your campus directory profile

a. Be sure to have your CruzID Gold password for login. 

b. click on Edit Entry at bottom of your profile

c  Add links in sections such as "Selected Publications," "Selected Exhibitions," "Selected Performances," etc. These should be entered in the following format:

Title: Text Description of Link
Link: URL of file in website from Step 1 above

For example:



External Links