Share a Video in iMovie

After editing your project in iMovie, use Advanced QuickTime Settings - to control file size and sound quality

1. In the top menu of iMovie, go to Share > Export using Quicktime . . .

2. In the "Save exported file as. . ." dialog, give your file a name, a save location, and make sure "Export" is set to "Movie to Quicktime Movie." Now click on the "Options" button

3. In the "Movie Settings" dialog, you can remove the movie's sound by deselecting the "Sound" checkbox. Click on "Size . . ." to change the dimensions of the movie being exported.

4. In the "Export Size Settings" dialog, you can reduce the movie's dimensions by selecting the "Dimensions" dropdown menu. Click on "Current" to keep the same size.

"NTSC 720 x 480" – standard definition miniDV format, good for You Tube
"320 x 240 QVGA" – half of standard full-screen, good for email

Click on "OK" when you've finished adjusting the size.

5. Click on the "OK" in the "Movie Settings" dialog

6. You will see a progress animation. When it is complete, your movie export is complete.