Powerpoint - Presenter View on your Mac

Presenter View is a useful screen which displays your current and next slides, as well as an optional place for notes. Sometimes, however, the presenter view appears on your projector and the slide view on your computer. Here's how to fix the problem.

A. When you are connected to the projector, make sure it isn't a mirrored view (same view as both computer and projector)
1. Click on the Apple icon in the top left corner
2. Select "System Preferences"
3. In the window click on "Displays"
4. in the Color LCD box, click on the "Arrangement" tab and make sure the checkbox for "Mirror Displays" is DESELECTED.  (see attached graphic)
This means the computer and projector will show two different screen views - mirroring means show the computer desktop on both computer and the projector.  So it may be the projector is trying to put everything on the projected screen.
B. With the two different displays, on the screen with the two small slides click on the  "Swap Displays" icon in the right corner and see if the presenter view moves to the other display (two small slides are now on your computer )
C. Turn on/off Presenter view
In PowerPoint, click on the Slide Show tab, and on the far right under "Setting for Two Displays" try selecting "Presenter View" and Mirror Show" and see how the display changes.