Convert CD track to .mp3 using iTunes

Note: you'll need an optical drive to read the CD. If you don't have one in your computer, you can borrow one of our portable drives - you can stop by and get one, or I can leave one in your mailbox.

1. Connect the external drive if you are using one (you will need 2 USB C ports to run the drive).

Insert the CD in the drive, iTunes should start up and you'll be prompted with a message similar to "Do you want to import this CD?" Click on Yes.

2. The tracks will import into iTunes.

3. If you don't see the imported CD files after import, you can locate this by clicking on the top navigation "Library" tab, then on "Recently Added" in the top left of the iTunes window.

4. If the CD appears in Album view,  click on the album and you'll see the track list.

5.Click on a track, and three dots will open on the right side of the highlighted track

6. Click on the three dots, and select "Reveal in Finder" to open a new browser window with the imported track files

7. The iTunes imported track format is .m4a – this is Apple's proprietary version of MP3 and MP4 - the .m4a suffix automatically opens a file in an Apple player.

8. You can change this to .mp3 by holding down Option+Click and drag a copy of a track file to a new folder. Once you've made the copy, you can double click and rename the file with an .mp3 suffix. You'll get a dialog asking if you want to do this – click on Yes.

9.  You can test the .mp3 file by opening it in Quicktime. It should now be ready to upload to Google Drive, or Canvas to share on the web.