Baskin School of Engineering: Hosting and Infrastructure: Backup Services


This service is offered by Local IT Staff (LITS) to all campus units.

What is it?

The BSOE IT staff offers a backup service for campus.  We provide the backend and ask that your local ITS providers manages the servers that are backed up outside of BSOE.  Backups are stored off campus to provided some amount of disaster recovery capability.

How much does it cost?

The backup service is free.  500GB of backup space is provided to each division, to allow them to explore the use of this system.  Once in production, and the need for more backup space arises, the division using the backup service needs to provide the resources to purchase the infrastructure to support their growing need.

How do I get help?

E-Mail  Be sure to include information about the server that you want to back up (OS version, amount of data, machine name). If you need a file restored, please specify the file name, the directory it was in, and the last date you know of it's availability.

How is it supported?

This service is provided with a tiered system.  The backend is supported by BSOE IT staff, and the setup of file servers, and restoration of files is provide by your local IT staff.

Who supports it?

NameTitlePhone NumberOffice LocationOffice Hours
Theodore C BuchwaldCentOS Support
Backups Support
James T MustainWindows Systems Administrator
Monday - Friday 7am-3:30pm (Thursday and Friday Offsite)


Need More Help?

If you didn't find what you were looking for, please open an IT Request help ticket, or send e-mail to