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This service is offered by Local IT Staff (LITS) to the local division.

What is it?

The BSOE offers server hosting to BSOE faculty and staff. The server room provides industrial cooling, UPS power and back-up generator, and is managed and monitored by BSOE Local IT Staff (LITS).

The BSOE also offers free VMs to BSOE faculty, staff and students.

How much does it cost?

As of 2016/2017, the cost for hosting servers in the BSOE server room is $30 per RU per year.

How do I get help?

Send e-mail to

How is it supported?

BSOE Local IT Staff (LITS) support this service.

Who supports it?

NameTitlePhone NumberOffice LocationOffice Hours
Lynne SheehanBSOE Networking/Facilities
BSOE IT Facilities Supoport
Baskin Engineering, Room 315A
M-F 9:00-5:30p
Heidi SittonBSOE Ubuntu Support
BSOE VMWare Support
Baskin Engineering, Room 309B
Theodore C BuchwaldCentOS Support
Backups Support


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