Physical and Biological Sciences: Specialized / Discipline Specific: Research Imaging

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This service is offered by Physical and Biological Sciences to the local division.

What is it?

Local ITS staff can image research workstations using disk cloning.  This allows a quick response to bringing research equipment back online for use.


How much does it cost?

It is free.

How do I get help?

Make a request via or

You can also use help support email addresses listed here:

PBSci Support Email Addresses

How is it supported?

Local ITS staff can assist clients with producing the image via disk cloning.  It does require a short downtime for the workstation in order to perform the disk cloning.

Who supports it?

NameTitlePhone NumberOffice LocationOffice Hours
Mary T. Eriksen
Ramon W BergerSenior Systems Manager
Ambrosio C TorresAcademic Computing Specialist for the Sciences
Information Systems Analyst 3


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