Blue Snowball Microphone User Guide

Use this USB microphone for voiceover recording and podcasting.  The unique design and additional popscreen allow for clean clear audio.  The USB connection both powers the mic, and allows for simple connection.




1. To turn the mic on, plug in the USB cable - the square end of the cable goes into the mic, the rectangular end should go into the back of the iMac.


2. In the rear of the mic there is a sliding switch.


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3. The switch has three settings: 


"1" records what is directly aimed at the mic, and reduces ambient noise. This setting is good for recording in the lab, which has some building noise.  


"2" also records directional sound, but contains more ambient noise.  


"3" records omnidirectional noise, it will contain much of the sound surrounding the mic. This setting is good for recording several speakers in a conversation.


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4. You should see the red indicator light is on.  Position the mic in front of the person(s) speaking.  


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5. When you speak into the microphone, speak directly toward the center of the mic.  Raise the telescoping tripod to raise or lower to adjust if necessary.  Speak through

the pop screen to reduce distortion.



6. In the Finder, go to Apple > System Preferences. . .


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7. In "System Preferences" click on the "Sound" icon


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8. In the "Sound" dialog, click the "Input" tab, select "Blue Snowball" for sound input and try speaking to see if the input levels will blink



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