MPEG Streamclip for File Conversion

MPEG Streamclip is a powerful application that will open and play back many different audio and video file formats. Download a free copy for Mac or Windows at

Unlike other video players, MPEG Streamclip also allows you to export/convert files, for instance a PAL video to an NTSC format.

A typical workflow, creating an .mp3 file from a .wav file is illustrated below:


1. Download and install MPEG Streamclip

2. In MPEG Streamclip, go to the top menu and select File > Open Files...


3. In the Open Files dialog, select "All Files" in the dropdown menu at the bottom of the window.


4. If you get an error message, just click on "Open Anyway"


5. Most files will open in MPEG Streamclip, and if you can get it to open/play, you should be able to export it.  The file should display with a control bar.  Play the file to see if you can hear/see correctly.


6. If the file is behaving the way you expect (for instance no stuttering or choppy video), you can export a converted format by going to the top menu and selecting File >Export Audio... (there are a number of other formats you can choose as well)


7.In the Audio Exporter dialog, click on the top dropdown to select MP3, then click OK.


8. Name and save your file.  The process might take a few minutes, but when you are done they will automatically open/play in iTunes, or can be opened and played within Quicktime or VLC Player.