Copy a DVD


If you want to make a copy of your own DVD disc, you first create a Disk Image, which can be mounted like a disk or drive. You can view this file on computers without a DVD drive, or you can duplicate this to a blank DVD disc.


APPLE'S NOTE:  "This procedure will not work with copy protected DVD video discs. iDVD, DVD Studio Pro, Disk Copy, and Disk Utility are licensed for reproduction of non-copyrighted materials, or materials you are legally permitted to reproduce."

1. Insert the DVD-R video disc that you created

2. In the top menu of the Finder, choose Go > Utilities, then open the Disk Utility application.


3. Select the disc (name will include "DVD") you want to copy from the listing on the left.


4. From the top menu, choose File > New > Disk Image from "your disk name").


5. Enter a file name and choose "DVD/CD Master" from the Image Format pop-up menu.

6. Click the Save button. After the image has been created you should see it on your desktop.  


7. Eject the original DVD-R disk

8. Click once on the new disk image on the desktop to select it.

9. In the top menu, go to File > Burn "your disk name.dmg" to Disc...


10. You will be prompted to insert a blank DVD-R disc.