Copy a Video Clip from a DVD

Want to show a five minute clip from a movie, without having to cue the disc during your class?

Copy a video clip from a DVD with Handbrake

If you don't have the Handbrake application on your computer, you can download it at

NOTE: be sure to download the correct version for your computer and operating system.

1. First review your disc in DVD Player or other application.  Locate the part of the clip you want - then make note of the chapter(s) it is in, and/or where in the timecode you want to capture.

For example, the DVD Player video below is within Chapter 15 and is 50 minutes, 4 seconds into the video.  You can see the chapter title by clicking on the chapter buttons which jump you to the next or previous chapters.


2. Open Handbrake. When you first start up, you be given a selection dialog. Select your DVD and the VIDEO TS folder on the disc, then click "Open"


3. Handbrake will scan the directory and present a selection of Titles and Chapters. At the top, click on the dropdown menu to select the Title you want, and the dropdown menus for the range of chapters.  If you want all the chapters, select the full range, for example in the disc below chapters 1 through 8 have been selected.


4. Export a Quicktime - click "Browse" to locate where you want to save the file. The default filename will come from the disc, but you can rename if you like.


5. The file will be a Quicktime format - .m4v or .mp4 - there are a number of presets with different settings in the Presets drawer - if you don't see them, click on Toggle Presets.  Normal is the default and fine for most purposes.


6. To start copying, click on the green arrow "Start" button in the top navigation - or go to File > Start Encoding


7. A progress animation will appear at the bottom of the window - depending on the length of your final clip and its format, this could take a while - however it is faster than how long it would take to actually play the video, so copying a 1 hour video will take less than an hour

8. A "Congratuations!" message will appear when your video copy is ready



Crop your Clip using QuickTime Player
(MAC OS 10.6 and 10.7)

Most clips will have extra footage that needs to be removed.  You can crop a clip in QuickTime Player.

Open the exported Handbrake video (or other digital video file) in QuickTime Player

1. To crop, go to Edit > Trim...

A yellow frame will appear in the playback control bar.  You can grab the ends of the frame and position the ends where you want the clip to start and stop


You can click the Play arrow to review the selection. When you have the selection frame positioned the way you want click "Trim", then save.

NOTE:  You should save the cropped clip as a second file with a different name so that you have the original to go back to without having to copy using Handbrake again.