Handbrake for Grabbing DVD Clips

Handbrake for grabbing DVD clips


You can download Handbrake at http://handbrake.fr/?article=download - but be sure to download the correct version - we've had folks try to use the PowerPC version on Intels and it won't work.


When you first start Handbrake, you be given a selection dialog.  Select your DVD and the VIDEO TS folder on the disc, then click "Open"










Handbrake will scan the directory and present a selection of Titles and Chapters.  Select the Title you want, and the range of chapters.  If you want all the chapters, select the full range i.e. 1 through 8






You'll export a Quicktime - choose the path and filename you want to give your new file







The file will be a Quicktime .mp4 - there are a number of presets with different settings in the Presets drawer - if you don't see them, click on Toggle Presets.  





To start the encoding, click on the Start button in the top navigation - or go to File > Start Encoding





You will see a progress animation at the bottom of the window - depending on the length of your final clip and its format, this could take a while - however it is faster than realtime, so a 1 hour video will take less than an hour