Subtitle using DVD Studio

You can add subtitles to a video in DVD Studio, then burn a DVD. The subtitles are a separate track that can be turned on and off with any DVD player remote control.  

DVD Studio is part of the Final Cut Studio 3 suite of tools that is available at the following UC Santa Cruz computer labs:

A. Use Compressor to convert your video to AC2/M2V for DVD Studio

If you aren't using Final Cut Pro, you can simply open your video file (.mov, .wav, .mp4, etc) in Compressor.

B. Create a DVD Studio Pro project and import your AC2 and M2V files (Steps 1-3) 

C. Then, in DVD Studio, do the following:

Click on your track

2. Drag and position the playback head so that the scene to have the subtitle appears in the viewer.
3. In the top menu, go to Project >Timeline > Add Subtitle at Playhead
4. A new subtitle clip appears in the timeline.
5. Click on the subtitle clip.
6. In the Inspector, a Subtitle dialog appears.  Insert your text into the Text box.  Notice that the new subtitle will appear in the viewer.
 7. You can adjust the length of time that the subtitle is up by clicking and dragging the end of the subtitle clip in the timeline.



Be sure to save your project often.  When you are done, you can export a DVD which will have the subtitle as it's own track that can be turned on or off by clicking on the subtitle button on the DVD player remote.  


D. Finalize and burn your DVD Studio Pro project (Steps 4-9)