Using an IOS Device to Airplay on AppleTV



First, make sure your Apple TV is turned on and the home screen is visible on your TV



On the iPad find the “Videos” icon – click on the “Home” button, and swipe the screen sideways both directions if necessary until you see the icon. Click on the icon.

Find a video in the Videos application. Look at the top - there should be a choice of “Movies” or “TV Shows.” Pick one of these and see the title pictures. When you want to watch a video, click on the picture. You should then see information and a “play” triangle. Click on the “play” triangle.

 You’re ready to start Airplay. You should now see the video with a controller at the bottom, and the AirPlay button on the controller’s right.



Using iPad with Apple TV


When you first touch the AirPlay button, you are given a choice between playback on the iPad or your Apple TV. When playing the video on the iPad, the Airplay button is white and you see the video on the iPad.


When playing on the Apple TV, the Airplay button is blue and you don’t see the video on the iPad.

Finished watching? To stop touch the Airplay button to return the video playback to the iPad. Click the blue “Done” in the top left when you are finished with the video.