Get Contacts into Google

From Apple Mail

1. in Mail go to Window > Previous recipients

2. select all the addresses you want to import into Google, and click on "Add to Address Book", then continue to step 3 below.

From Apple Address Book

3. Open Address Book

4. Select the addresses you want to import into Google, then go to File > Export…>Export Vcard

5. give the vCard.vcf file a name and save it on your Desktop

Import into Google Mail web interface

6. Log into

7. Click on Contacts in the left sidebar (this button is hidden under "Mail" which is a dropdown menu)

8. Click on "More" in the top Contacts menu, and select "Import…" in the dropdown

9. Click on "Choose File" in the Import Contacts dialog, find and choose the .vcard file you saved on the Desktop, then click Choose

10. You should now see a large number of Contacts in the window, and indicated on the sidebar



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