Gmail Troubleshooting

Can't send email?

Is the message larger than 25MB in size?
Have you exceeded the send limit?

  • Maximum single messages sent per day - 2,000
  • Maximum recipients per day - 10,000 (ie, if I send you 5 messages, that counts as individual 5 recipients)

Email to a group of receipients won't send?  Please note the following recipient limitations: 

  • Maximum recipient send per email from Apple Mail - 99
  • Maximum recipient send per email from the Google web client - 2,000

Gmail error messages:

"Account Exceeded Bandwidth Limits"
 If you've sent many attachments in a short time period, wait 24 hours for your bandwidth usage to be reset.


Can't view email?

Missing email

  • Review messages in your Spam and other folders and move anything out that erroneously may have got put in during migration, can use Search to check all boxes
  • make sure "Skip the Inbox" is not checked in Mail Settings > Create a Filter

Need to recover messages needed that are in trash?

  • 30 day limit, contact ITS if past timeframe

Want to view two or more Google Mail accounts in one window? 

  • Won't be able to have two - unless change setting in Mail Settings

Can't receive email?

Have you exceeded the 25GB of storage allowed in Gmail?

  • this includes all messages and their attachments

Check how much of your quota is used

  • log into and look at the bottom left percentage of your quota displayed:

Exceeded the Gmail limit of 2.5 GB download/day?

This should only present a problem right after the migration. if, in your email application, you are unable to access archived mail (you see a folder but no mail displays and you get an error message) you may have reached your limit.  There is a lock out period of 24 hours. Quit out of the mail application and access all your mail using your browser at

Missing something?

What's not available in Gmail