Gmail Using Apple Mail

1. In Apple Mail, go to Mail > Preferences. 

Click on the "Accounts" tab, and click on the "+" icon at the bottom left and walk through the setup wizard using the settings below.

Description UCSC Gmail
Email Address (cruzid is the first part of your email addess, such as "jeo"in "")
Full Name First and last names
Incoming Mail Server
User Name (same as Email Address)
Password your most recent CruzID Blue password

NOTE:  Mac OS 10.7 Lion and later - the final set up "Account Summary" screen will ask if you want to also set up Calendars and Chat.  Be sure that Calendars is selected to enable Google Calendar on your iCal.

2. Back in the Mail Preferences "Accounts" tab click on the new UCSC Gmail account and (1) review that the Account Information is correct, then (2) at "Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)" click on the drop down

screenshot of Apple Mail

3. Select "Edit SMTP Server List…"

screenshot of Apple Mail

4. Click on "Advanced"

screenshot of Apple Mail

5. Make sure there is a full email address in User Name, and that the current CruzID Blue password is entered.  

Click OK and close the Accounts dialog window.

screenshot of Apple Mail

6. Send a test email to yourself and see if it sends and appears in your inbox.

7. Seeing Your Email

a. The left bar of your Apple Mail viewer window should look like this:

apple mail screenshot


b. Click on (1) Inbox, then (2) Sent, then (3) other folders in order of importance.  Apple mail will connect to the server and sync/download copies of your mail from Google Mail.  

screenshot of applemail

NOTE: There is a 2.5 gb per day limit on the amount of mail you can copy/transfer.  If you hit this limit email download to your computer will stop, so you will need to use the Google Mail web interface to see new incoming mail until 24 hours have passed and your limit is reset.



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