Google Calendar Using Outlook 2010

New to Outlook 2010? 

Use Google Apps Sync

To set up a new Gmail / Google Calendar profile in Outlook.


Already have a Gmail IMAP account on Outlook 2010? 

Use Google Calendar Sync 

This will prevent re-migration of user PST files, Outlook/Exchange Calendars, and Contacts, and avoid replacement of the current Outlook profile.

Google Calendar Sync is a separate application that runs in the background and will co-exist with the normal Outlook IMAP setup.  Google Calendar sync will automatically sync with your primary calendar, however it will not sync multiple Google Calendars.  It runs in the lower right task bars.

1. Install Google Calendar Sync

2. When prompted, log in with your UCSC Gmail address and Blue password

screen shot of Outlook


3. Be sure to set the following Sync Options:

  • change default sync of 120 minutes to every 10 mins or so
  • choose 1 way syncing or 2 way sync.

After that it's just like using Outlook calendar.

NOTE: Quit out of Google Calendar Sync Tool in the lower task bar before quitting Outlook.  Otherwise, Sync will continue to prompt you to select an Outlook Profile to sync.



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