Word 2011 - Recording and Using Macros

Record a Macro

1. Make sure you are on a saved document in Word.  If you are in a new, "Untitled" document, name and save it.

2. In Word, go to the top menu and select "Tools > Record New Macro"

 3. In the "Record Macro dialog, create a name, and add a description if you would like information to refer to in the future regarding the macro. Click OK to start recording.

NOTE: Be sure to keep the "Store macro in" setting to "All Documents (Normal).  This will ensure that the macro is accessible in all your Word documents.


4. While recording set attributes that you want the macro to set.  In the example below, the font is set to Times  10 pt italic, and given the color grey. 


5. When the attributes are all set, in the top menu select "Tools > Stop Recording"


Run a Macro

6. To run the macro, go to the top menu and select "Tools > Macros..."


7. In the "Macros" dialog, select the macro name in the list and click on "Run"


8. When you type in the document, the macro will format your text with the attributes you assigned.


Assign a Macro a Keyboard Shortcut

9. To streamline running a macro using a keyboard shortcut, in the top menu go to "Tools > Customize Keyboard..."


10. In the "Customize Keyboard" dialog, (1) scroll down in the "Categories" list to select "Macros," then (2) select the macro in the "Macros" list. (3) Click in the "new keyboard shortcut" field, then press the combination of keys to enter them in the field.  Click "Assign," then click "OK"


11. You can now run the macro by keyboard shortcut.