Notes on eCommons Workspace for Collaboration and Projects

Notes on eCommons Workspace for Collaboration and Projects


Differences between course and project sites

project - default public - but can set in Site Visibility to private

courses are private


eCommons no students

Google students


if not able to log in and create, request access via ticket.


only campus - sundry accouts for off campus


- on demand site creation

-automated data integration - with campus academic info

-instantly add participants

-add/remove tools as needed

- add news feed or website


Firefox, Chrome IE - not Safari



CruzID Gold reqd

file quotas

-512mb limit file upload

-500 mb peers workspace

-1 gb total site

90-min inactivity time out, 5 minute warning

should close browser on logout w shared PCs

conform to FERPA and Non-Release policies

make materials accessible


TO DO  look for this info on University of California policy re: copyright and filesharing 



can embed Google features such as your calendar, your site

video - 

host externally




TODO  do FITC search for "Ten Tips for creating usable and accessible pdfs